Therapy Discord Bot

What is Therapy Discord Bot?


Discord has enabled bots for a long time, but the community hasn’t fully adopted them. The ecosystem has risen from the ground up thanks to the assistance of the local community. You’ve figured up new ways to leverage features that didn’t mean for bots, yet you still managed to get the job done.

Data Security and Privacy

This year, our goal is to aid. Building functionality for bots is the best way to go. Take some of those workarounds, UI/UX aspects that aren’t quite ideal, and give you some ideas on making them better.

Let’s celebrate your accomplishments and show them off! For the sake of everyone’s enjoyment, let’s make sure that Discord remains a safe place for us all.

Privileged Gateway Intents safe listing is part of the verification procedure. For us, this will be a huge step forward in the fight against bad actors while maintaining the privacy and safety of Discord users by whitelisting access to precise information on a large scale.

Again, only bots on 100 or more servers are affected by this. A maximum of 76 servers can begin the procedure. Any allowed data that is essential for bots to function, as well as things that need to be handled in the future, such as message content, will be replaced.

With your help, we can ensure that the products we create match our high standards of quality.

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Therapy discord Bots that have been verified

You’ve to put your efforts and time into your bots. They want to honor your efforts. Also, they want people to be able to find your bot and know that it’s authentic. This post signals the beginning of a new program: Verified discord therapy Bots.

In the Discord Developer Portal, qualified developers can now apply for verification of their bots. You need not be concerned; Discord does not store any of the data you supply.  They’ll also check your bot’s security by asking you a few questions.

Even while they despise filling out lengthy forms, they promise that these aren’t onerous. Your bot will display a Verified checkmark once it has been verified, letting others know it is legitimate. Discord therapy bot verification is a significant development in the field.

A solid foundation is needed to unleash new features and exposure for developers. Discord will be able to offer new features that allow developers more control over the platform due to this verification. It implies that you may encourage people to use bots in Discord rather than searching for them elsewhere.

Additionally, it indicates that the current size of bots can safely increase by orders of magnitude in the future. Their primary goal is to safeguard the privacy and security of our users while also fostering a culture of trust. 

Because of this, they require Discord bots to be verified on at least 100 servers. You will be unable to expand beyond 100 servers until your bot has been verified. If your bot has previously joined more than 100 servers, it will no longer be able to do so.